Artwork Guidelines

Below are our standards on the type of files and formats we accept. This outline should be followed to ensure order accuracy and a timely result in receiving the final product. Submitting files other than the preferred formats may result in extra fees due to the time required to get the artwork print ready.

Preferred File Formats

Vectorized files which are made up of lines and paths are our favorite. They provide the sharpest results through all our printing processes and the most compatible with our pre-press software.


Unpreferred File Formats

Rasterized images or bitmap images are intended for web use, in emails, etc. The only print processes where these would be acceptable would be digital four-color printing that requires no edits. If one of these filetypes is your only option available, please ensure the resolution is 300PPI. The larger the image, the more accurate it can be converted to a usable format if necessary. Please note additional charges may apply for converting unusable artwork.


Document Colors

Spot colors should be set to the corresponding PANTONE™ swatch.

Black ink should be set to use the key plate only, which is C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100

The “Registration” black swatch should only be applied to tick marks and/or registration marks.

Document Bleeds

All color bleeds should extend out at least 1/8 inch (.125in) past the document edge.

Document Color Type

All files should be in CMYK mode, not RGB.

CMYK is intended for print, whereas RGB is intended for display only (such as web images).


All fonts should be outlined and converted into artwork from type.


By submitting artwork, photographs, or any file to us, you have acknowledged you have already obtained the proper permission from the authors, publishers or owners to use the file in print production.

If you still have any questions related to submitting artwork, please contact us.